Visual Identifier Guidelines

The brand identity standards outlined here should be followed for all internal and external visual communication. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact BrandK at  

Identifier Usage Guidelines

  • All print and online materials produced by any unit of the College must include the appropriate Kalamazoo College identifier. No other symbols may be used by College units to represent Kalamazoo College.  
  • The athletic logo (the K combined with the K Hornet) is reserved for use by the athletics department. However, all units may use the hornet by itself (without alterations) when the context of Kalamazoo College is plainly evident. 
  • Individual units may not create their own identifiers; however, if you have a special request you may reach out to CMAC through  

Identifier Size, Shape and Color

  • When sizing identifiers, please consider both proportion and readability. The size of an identifier should be appropriate in context and legible. For assistance with sizing identifiers, contact
  • All Identifiers must be used in the original configuration and may not be altered, stretched or broken apart into its component parts. Minimum size and proportions can be requested from CMAC. Some important guidelines: 
    • Do not outline any part of an identifier  
    • Do not change the size relationships among the elements of an identifier  
    • Do not rearrange the elements of an identifier  
    • Do not use the identifier as part of a sentence  
    • Do not use the K logo in place of the letter “K” in a word  
    • Do not alter the colors of an identifier. (See the Logos section for color variations.) 
    • Any desired modifications must be requested through CMAC by emailing  

Pre-Production Reviews 

The BrandK Team is here to help you review your project and help you create brand-compliant products. A department or office that produces material that does not conform to the standards may be required to take corrective steps. Initiating a review in advance of production will save time and money! Please contact

Co-branded Communication 

Partnerships or legal agreements between outside organizations and Kalamazoo College units increase the College’s exposure and build brand equity for the College.  

  • When producing a co-branded communication piece involving the use of a Kalamazoo College’s identifier and another organization’s identifier on the same material, each organization’s identifier should be of equal size.
  • It is also important to find out whether there will be a background color that might affect which color logo we would provide to the organization.
  • The Kalamazoo College identifier should follow the usage standards in this manual. Use of identifiers of partnering organizations should follow their guidelines.  
  • Co-branded communications produced by other organizations must be reviewed by BrandK before being finalized.

For questions about when and how to co-brand materials, contact


Kalamazoo College identifiers and brand statements are registered trademarks. Registering them as trademarks protects them from being used by other organizations and helps protect us from fraud. Please use the registration symbol ® whenever you use an identifier to help the College defend its exclusive rights to its logos and to maintain its integrity. 

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