Colors and Fonts

Color and typography are chief among the design tools we employ to project the image and personality of our institution. Our design elements were chosen to be flexible, yet consistent, and to help bring the K story to life in our communications.

Color Standards

Our official colors (orange and black) should be used the vast majority of the time. When you look at branded materials, our school colors should be clear and obvious within the design.  

Brand-compliant accent colors should be used sparingly. Please consult with the College Marketing and Communications (CMAC) Department when desiring heavy use of accent colors or using colors other than those in the color palette.

Primary Colors


PMS 166
CMYK 0-73-100-0
RGB 234-104-32
HEX #EA6820


CMYK 0-0-0-100
RGB 0-0-0
HEX #000000

Secondary Colors


PMS White
CMYK 0-0-0-0
RGB 255-255-255

Light Grey

PMS Blk 10%
CMYK 0-0-0-10
RGB 238-238-238


PMS Blk 40%
CMYK 0-0-0-40
RGB 161-161-161

Dark Grey

PMS Blk 60%
CMYK 0-0-0-60
RGB 68-68-68
HEX #444444

Accent Colors

Accent colors should be used sparingly.

off white

Off White

PMS 7501
CMYK 16-18-42-0


PMS 7496
CMYK 57-31-100-11
RGB 106-127-16
HEX #6A7F10


PMS 1807
CMYK 25-91-77-17
RGB 158-14-25


PMS 390
CMYK 34-13-100-0
RGB 162-181-0
HEX #A2B500


PMS 142
CMYK 5-26-84-0
RGB 239-189-71


PMS 3985
CMYK 40-38-100-9


PMS 2597
CMYK 80-100-6-3
RGB 88-1-98
HEX #580162


PMS 315
CMYK 91-49-37-12
RGB 0-105-131
HEX #006983


Everyday Fonts

While K has official fonts for marketing and commercial publication (see below), K also uses more widely available fonts for everyday and internal use. Times, Times New Roman, Palatino and Georgia are traditional serif fonts that should be used for all letters and long-reading print text. If a sans serif font is desired, Arial or Helvetica can be used. These are simple typefaces that are generally available on all College computers. The italic or bold form may be used for emphasis. 

Times / Times New Roman Family

Times font

Palatino Family

Palatino font

Georgia Family

Georgia font

Arial Family

Arial font

Helvetica Family

Helvetica font

Official Marketing Fonts

Kalamazoo College has chosen specific typefaces to be used in all commercially printed material, including brochures, flyers, advertisements, billboards and downloadable PDF’s. If you ever require access to these fonts, please contact either the College Marketing and Communications Department at or the Center for New Media Design.

Note: Berkeley, Gotham, News Gothic and Trade Gothic are licensed fonts and will not be provided for personal computers at the College.

Berkley / ITC Berkley Family

ITC Berkley Old Style Book font

Gotham Family

Gotham font

Note: Gotham is big and bold and easy to read and will work well for a quick read to draw the viewer in. (Kerning is optical and tracking, for medium or light fonts use -30, for thicker fonts use 0.)

News Gothic Family

News Gothic font

Trade Gothic Family

Trade Gothic font

Type families for web

A subset of Gotham web fonts are licensed for use on any website in the domain. The fonts are automatically embedded on sites utilizing the College’s web content management system (WordPress) or other templates developed by Web Services. Contact Web Services for embedding on College-sponsored websites outside of the domain. Arial and Helvetica are used as fallback font families. Contact Web Services to obtain approval for alternative web font families that closely match Gotham.

Gotham Extra Light*
Gotham Extra Light Italic*
Gotham Book
Gotham Book Italic
Gotham Bold
Gotham Bold Italic
Gotham Black
Gotham Black Italic
Gotham Ultra*
Gotham Ultra Italic*
Gotham Narrow Book
Gotham Narrow Book Italic
Gotham Narrow Bold
Gotham Narrow Bold Italic
*Extra Light and Ultra are not for use at less than 18px

Note: The use of image-based text in order to use a certain font is prohibited.