Branding for Student Organizations

Student organizations are encouraged to comply with the College’s brand identity. In fact, CMAC will pay for a student organization’s identity stamp or avatar that complies with the brand standards.  

  • Brand compliant unit stamps for student organizations will include the words “STUDENT ORGANIZATION” above the name of the student organization and will use the second line, “More in Four. More in a Lifetime.” below the name of the student organization. 
  • If student organizations choose to develop their own visual identity artwork they must adhere to two requirements below. 
    1. Student organizations may not use the College identifiers in the project (K logos, Buzz cartoons, etc.). 
    2. When an organization’s project/design is ready, the organization must contact to review brand standards and, if applicable, to find an appropriate vendor to produce a specialty product. The student organization and/or advisor may only use the recommended vendor. 

It is safer and less expensive to ensure that visual identity artwork complies with the standards above before paying for a project twice. You can direct all questions to

Example of a Student Organization Unit Stamp
Example social media avatar