Brand Toolkit

Our visual identity reflects both our brand story and our quality as an institution. The identifiers we use, the photographs we take, the signs we post—all should offer a consistent visual representation of the College.

The BrandK Team is here to help you review your projects and create brand-compliant products. A department or office that produces material that does not conform to the standards may be required to take corrective steps. Initiating a review in advance of production will save time and money! Please contact for assistance. 

What are Identifiers? 

Kalamazoo College identifiers include approved logos, stamps, seal, Buzz cartoons and social media avatars. They replace all other logos, symbols and icons that may have been used in the past.

The main rules to remember are: 

  • Do use K identifiers on any print and online materials you create that represent your unit and/or the College. This includes advertisements, invitations and educational materials. Remember that the athletic logo (the K combined with the Hornet) is reserved for use by the Athletics Department only. The College Seal is reserved for official documents and requires prior authorization to use.  
  • Do Not alter the identifiers in any way or create new identifiers. If you have any questions about how to use the identifiers or are looking to create something special for your unit, you can refer to our more detailed usage guidelines or contact the BrandK team at