The Benefit of Branding

A consistent and reliable approach to branding helps us to enhance the visibility and reputation of Kalamazoo College, providing a recognizable and memorable presence for the College in the minds of the people and organizations with whom we seek to communicate. It also builds an emotional connection and pride among members of the K community.  

Our BrandK guidelines outline how to use the elements of the College‚Äôs brand, style and visual identity to achieve unit goals and, at the same time, clearly communicate that each unit of the College is part of a strong, cohesive and first-class institution of higher learning. 

Each department, office, concentration and program on campus will have varied needs and goals when producing marketing material for print, web, advertising and promotions. The BrandK Team will partner with K staff and faculty on projects to ensure the integrity of the brand while helping you to achieve your goals. We are here to support you!  

The guidelines established by the College must be followed for all communication and marketing materials developed by all units of the College. Please be aware that non-conforming products will require correction.  

Although these guidelines form a basic foundation for developing marketing and communication materials, it cannot address every situation that may arise. In such cases, please email BrandK@kzoo.edu with questions.