Signs and Specialty Items

To ensure brand standards and help you get quality projects at an affordable rate, all projects that require an outside vendor must be processed through CMAC. These include:

  • Campus signage and banners
  • Programs and other printed materials
  • Projects requiring embroidery
  • Silk screening

Units may decorate specialty items with artwork—such as T-shirts and water bottles—but the artwork may be used only once. Specialty items must include the unit stamp or College logo incorporated in the artwork. 

The College has a cross-functional oversight committee that reviews all permanent/semi-permanent signage requests to ensure consistency of design and branding across campus. Additionally, some signage is required to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. Working with the sign committee and BrandK team can ensure your sign needs meet any facilities requirements or requirements under the law.

Please schedule a pre-production meeting to discuss concepts by emailing

For help with digital signage or displays, such as through the campus TV system, contact Media Services at