Logos, Stamps and Avatars

Downloadable brand identity files are restricted to faculty and staff. Collegiate athletics letterhead and logos are restricted to sports information and athletic departments. Before using K identifiers, please review our visual identifier guidelines.

On this page you will find information on:

Note on Commercial Use Of College Logos and Stamps

To request an image for commercial use for printing on flyers, posters and specialty items (e.g. shirts, pens, water bottles, etc.), please contact BrandK@kzoo.edu

Unit Stamps

Kalamazoo College departments and programs may use unit stamps for clear visual representation of your unit under the institutional brand. You do not need prior authorization to use unit stamps as long as you do not alter them. A proportional size adjustment is not an alteration; however, please do not proportionally reduce a unit stamp to a size that is too small to read.

Kalamazoo College Advancement unit stamp
Example Unit Stamp


Kalamazoo College Alumni Engagement avatar
Example Avatar

These avatars must be used to represent your College unit’s identity on social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Please contact BrandK@kzoo.edu before creating a new social media account for your College unit. An avatar will be created for you. You may also use Social Media avatars for other print and online projects where a small unit logo is needed.  

College Logos

Logos can be downloaded and used for College business. You do not need prior authorization to use the logos as long as you do not alter them. A proportional size adjustment is not an alteration. Collegiate athletics logos are restricted to sports information and athletic departments. 

Color Variations

College identifiers can vary their areas of color using a limited color palette (orange, black, and white). When the background of a project is the same color as part of the identifier, you may request permission to receive an altered identifier by contacting BrandK@kzoo.edu. (The outline of the K must always be visible and cannot be the same color as the background.) 

Primary Logos

The following logos should be used primarily in marketing and communication materials.

Download Primary Logos

Secondary Logos

The following logos should be used sparingly. Please do not alter or change the file names of these logos as it helps the College prevent unauthorized use of its hornet. 

Download Secondary Logos

College Wordmarks

All College Wordmarks are considered primary and can be used across your marketing and communication needs.

Download Wordmarks

Kalamazoo College wordmark written in two lines

College Wordmark, Stacked

Athletics Logos

The athletic logo (the K combined with the K Hornet) is reserved for use by the athletics department. Similar to College logos, the athletics logos are separated between primary and secondary logos. In the links below you can explore and download athletic photos, sorted by team and function.

Example Primary Athletics Logos

K with a hornet and athletics written underneadth
K with a hornet with cross country written underneath

Example Secondary Athletics Logos

K with a hornet with athletics written to the right
Kalamazoo College wordmark above swimming and diving with a hornet on the left

Kalamazoo College Seal

The Kalamazoo College seal is reserved for specific official documents such as diplomas and donor agreements, certain merchandise, and other limited materials. Do not use the seal without prior authorization.

Kalamazoo College seal, not for download

How to use College Identifiers

College identifiers are to be used as is, without major alterations. This provides brand consistency across the College. Below you will find some of the common errors to avoid when using college identifiers.

1. Do not stretch, distort, rearrange or change the size relationship among the identifier elements.

The College K stretched and thinned

2. Do not add in any additional outlines.

The K with hornet with an extra white outline and the black College K with an additional black outline

3. Do not use an identifier as a part of a sentence or in place of a K in a word

Kalamazoo written with the College K and Life at K written with the College K

4. Do not enclose an identifier in any other color than our primary colors (orange and black).

The College K on a red background

5. Do not remove the College’s trademark, ®.

The College K without a trademark

6. Do not place identifiers onto backgrounds of the same color as its’ outline.

An orange K with a black outline on a black background

7. Do not combine identifiers.

The College K mixed with the College Wordmark