Brand Manual

One key to enhancing the visibility and reputation of Kalamazoo College is a consistent and reliable approach to our marketing and communication. Consistency in the look and content of our communication material provides a recognizable and memorable presence for the College in the minds of the people and organizations with whom we seek to communicate.

Each department, office, concentration, and program on campus will have varied needs and goals when producing marketing material for print, Web, advertising, and promotions. But we also must be careful to consider, and not contradict, the overall messages and mission of the College. The BrandK Identity Manual (2016) outlines how to use the elements of the College’s brand, style, and visual identity to achieve unit goals and, at the same time, clearly communicate that each unit of the College is part of a strong, cohesive, and first-class institution of higher learning. A PDF copy of the manual is available by request via email to

This manual contains standards governing the proper and consistent use of the College’s brand statement, key messages, identifiers, colors, and typefaces. It explains how to apply these standards to print, Web sites, signage, stationery, and other marketing and communication materials. A comprehensive brand identity manual ensures that written material is consistent and accurate. This manual is designed to be a useful reference book, so some key components are repeated in several of the sections. In addition, the text, identifiers, and templates covered in the print edition of the manual can be found on this Web site.

Although this manual establishes a basic foundation for developing marketing and communication materials, it cannot address every situation that may arise. In such cases, please e-mail with questions.

The standards outlined in this manual have to be followed for all communication and marketing materials conceived by all units of the College. A unit that produces material not conforming to these standards will be required to take corrective action.